Passenger Information System

Closely linked to the Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) system for the tracking of buses, we have experience in the implementation of the GPS- based Passenger Information System (PIS).

The system, we have implemented, notably in Pune, is a dynamic one, displaying real-time bus related information on LED display boards installed at bus stops shelters and bus stations. The PIS implemented is multilingual and provides valuable information to passengers on the arrivals of the buses for the passengers. On coming bus numbers and route/ destination names are also displayed. The system can be complemented with announcing routes and destinations for awaiting bus passengers.We are developing mobile apps to have such bus related information available on mobile telephones adding to the convenience of passengers.

Equally in Pune, we have implemented on bus voice announcement in multi languages of the next stop information on real time basis. The voice announcement is synchronised with LED displays placed on board the buses.